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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

  • As I write this article, we are a mere 48hrs away from the result of the 2020 election and my prediction is that by the time this copy reaches you we will be staring down the barrel of another 4 years of Trump.

Whatever chance the Biden/Harris campaign had of winning the White House was lost in the scandalous last few weeks of the race. A good campaign can overcome attacks on a candidate’s character, low energy or their cognitive ability, a great campaign can brush aside allegations of corruption, racism or even sexual misconduct. It might take the greatest campaign ever to suppress the mounting evidence that Big Tech are meddling in the election using censorship and propaganda, but it could be done. What has become an impossible task is to fight all the above in one fight.
Joe Biden should never have been the Democratic candidate. He is a 78-year-old guy who has been in government for 47 years. What America needed was a change candidate, someone to get them out of their seats and to bring some god damn hope to a country that is tearing itself apart. Biden as a candidate has been a disaster. He barely left his basement to campaign and the moral superiority of the Biden/Harris strategy has fallen on deaf ears. Comments such as ‘If you vote for Trump instead of me, you ain’t black’ did not go over well with a voting public who feels like their voices are heard less than ever before. Biden and Kamala Harris are the most smug and unlikable pairing imaginable. The DNC should be ashamed of themselves for the type of primary race they served up. They sidelined genuinely strong progressive candidates like Andrew Yang and the wonderful Tulsi Gabbard in favour of the kind of establishment dummies that a modern world has outgrown. The only authentic character that was left in the race was old Bernie Sanders, who was previously shafted in 2016 for Hillary. I probably disagree with Bernie Sanders on all of his economic policy, much of his foreign policy and I would be sceptical of most of the domestic plans he put forward. However, he was at least his own man. At least in Bernie, people could see a candidate who believed what he said and said what he believed. I might believe him to be wrong, but I respect the hell out of him for fighting his fight!

News of massive ‘early voter’ turnout for Trump in multiple counties was a big moment (early voters are typically predominantly Democrat) but the gamechanger was the pop culture shift in Black America, in recent weeks there has been multiple high profile Black celebrities breaking with the status quo and coming out either in support of Trump or at least showing a willingness to consider his candidacy. 50 Cent, Jack Brewer, Ice Cube, Herschel Walker, Isaiah Washington and Lil Wayne all came out to bat for Trump.
Some cited prison reform, some focused on jobs or law and order and others, like 50 Cent, are simply showing their support in opposition to Biden’s 62% tax rate on high earners! These influential voices added to Kanye West (technically also a presidential candidate) and the hugely successful ‘Blexit Movement’ championed by Candace Owens are transforming the Black vote. The Republican Party itself is pushing forward vibrant Black senators and congressmen/women in an aggressive attempt to seize this opportunity for change. For many people who are used to getting just the headlines from America, this doesn’t seem correct. After months of riots and protesting we should be expecting America to vote out the ‘‘racist’’, ‘’misogynistic’’, ‘’LGBT-phobic’’, ‘’white supremacist’’ Tweeter-in-chief but we will actually see Trump gain ground amongst Muslims, Latinos, Blacks, Women, Jews, Asians and Gay men.
Donald J. Trump is a reality TV President who comes out swinging at every opportunity. He has been fighting a war with the media, the establishment and much of the country for the last 4 years. How on earth he has the energy at this stage to campaign the length and breadth of the country to packed arenas day after day is mesmerising. Covid-19 hardly touched the man. His original campaign promises have been relatively successful. His international endeavours have been the greatest of any US President in my lifetime: no new wars, less meddling overseas, a rebalancing of trade with China and the deal of all deals which looks like finally bringing peace to the Middle East. All of this success stands in stark contrast to his grotesque manner and insane Twitter attacks.


The Democratic Party should have run a genuine contender. I believe Tulsi Gabbard is one of the only people capable of taking down Trump, but she was passed over because she could not be bought and sold like team Biden/ Harris. Ultimately, we are seeing the Democrat’s lose their base in pursuit of the elites, academia and celebrity. The blue-collar worker has long been left behind in favour of the ‘haves’ in Silicon valley and Wall Street and the ‘have nots’ on welfare. The middle class is tired of being screwed over and this pandemic has pushed that sentiment into overdrive. There is no centre, there is no viable 3rd party option. The Democrat’s have been waving the flag for never ending shutdowns while the GOP have been pushing for liberty and freedom, the messaging from both parties was loud and clear. And while most of the noise on social media and mainstream media is filled with anti-Trump rhetoric, the common man and woman in America see hope in his words. Right or wrong they are rolling the dice one more time.
America is tearing itself apart, but it is not because of racism, sexism, Donald Trump or Joe Biden. It is tearing itself apart because people have only two fucking choices. It tells you everything you need to know when they are picking the most hated man on television.
PS: If I am wrong and Joe Biden actually WON the election, I will shave my head and post a picture next week!!!