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American politics: The never ending circus II // RNC edition
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American politics: The never ending circus II // RNC edition

  • The Republican National Convention kicked off last week with their big election 2020 pitch. We spent some time to see how it compared with the hypocritical glory of their DNC counterparts which we covered last week. Republican’s have long been considered the party of the rich, the racist and the corrupt. It is the party of Nixon and Watergate. It is the party of Bush, Cheney and the Iraq war, of patriarchy and gun ownership, limited government and low taxes, traditional values and pro-life. It is pure American Conservatism. However, the Republican party has been given a makeover these past few years. The stylist: one Donald J. Trump.

The idea of Trump as the Republican nominee has never sat well with many Republican’s, this was evident in the outpouring of support for Biden at the DNC by such high profile Republicans like John Kasich and Gen. Colin Powell. The split in the party has been well documented but as the split widens and Trumps base outgrows the defectors, it seems like the messaging from Conservative politicians and their target audience has become mixed, at best or completely schizophrenic, at worst!

A prime example of the schizophrenia on show was the list of speakers and their talking points. We heard from many Black conservatives and Trump family members who told us racism is not a problem in America today. Priests, rabbi’s and bishops opened each evening in prayer before we got into the fearmongering of the need to protect ourselves from the violent mobs outside our houses, this was dramatically highlighted by the infamous McCloskey’s – that St. Louis couple who shared their story of standing up to Black Lives Matter with their assault rifles and handguns. A convicted bankrobber was pardoned by Trump himself, while Rep. Matt Gaetz popped up to spread unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about Coronavirus. Then we heard from middle America: a lobsterman from Maine, a Wisconsin dairy farmer (and her self-milking cows) and a Right to Try activist who told her story of surviving cancer through experimental treatments. In a wild turn ‘cocaine’ began trending on Twitter during an electrifying speech by Donald Trump Jr. as he told us how Biden was the Loch Ness monster of the DC swamp but then Don Jr.’s wife Kimberley Guilfoyle basically screamed an entire speech into an empty room wide eyed and frantic, yikes!
The most schizophrenic message of all was the oft repeated exclamation of victory over the Coronavirus. You can either say Trump saved millions of lives by closing down early or you can undermine the health risks of Covid-19 in regard to lockdowns, mask wearing and the immediate need for reopening but you simply cannot say both! It remains to be seen if the RNC’s constant message of blind optimism land with voters this November 3 but immediate polls suggest the impact of first lady Melania Trump’s powerful speech, the ever impressive Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Kim Klacik and her run for office in Baltimore and the moving story of Alice Marie Johnson’s full pardon were highlights that really hit home with key demographics such as suburban moms and members of the Black community. Black conservatives are something that truly scares the Democrat party and it’s possible the ‘Blexit’ movement might be the key to the presidency.
Trump’s acceptance speech was his usual brash, hyperbolic, fact defying and occasionally dog-whistling style. He painted a bleak picture of Biden’s America as a socialist failed state in perpetual war that would look like the catastrophic scenes we are witnessing in Portland, Baltimore and Caracas already. He claimed Democrats will destroy the country and that the one hope for America lies in his resurrection of the American economy, American manufacturing and his America First foreign policy.
Trump vs Biden in the live debates (if they actually go ahead) will be the political circus finale of all time, have your popcorn ready.


Text: Kevin Maher, debater